Luxury in the heart of Bavaria

Active pastimes on your Chiemsee holiday...

Grasau golf course

The Achental 18-hole golf course in Grasau not far from your holiday suite in the holiday house at the Chiemsee offers you a sporting challenge. The modern course, which was only opened in 2013, has a natural architecture. Areas of wetland are reminiscent of the moors in the area and demand precise strokes of the players. The cleverly designed fairways are lined with delightful meadows and mature trees, whilst still allowing views of the fantastic mountain scenery.

Spend time on your holiday with your favourite hobby and enjoy the challenging golf course close to your holiday suite. The Halfway House right on the lake will provide you with refreshments half way round. From its lovely terrace you have a magnificent view of the spacious greens and the nearby Alps. The Achental golf course in Grasau was created by the golf course architect Thomas C. Himmel and he has produced a real gem here by the Chiemsee. The high-quality construction and the excellent care of the links mean that you can enjoy your golf whatever the weather.

Balloon rides at the Chiemsee

With a balloon ride at the Chiemsee you will have a unique birds’s eye view of the area. A trip along the magnificent chain of mountains will give you an extensive view of the beauty of the region. The first balloons head into the blue and white sky at sunrise and start their tours through the Alpine foothills. There is nothing to compare with the view of the glittering blue Chiemsee and the lush, green meadows and pastures that you get from the hot air balloon. When the wind is right, you can fly over your holiday suite and take a photo of the modern holiday house from a most unusual angle. The half-day tours take place in the morning and in the afternoon, weather permitting. It is up to you whether you would prefer to rise with the sun or drift into the sunset. After a successful trip, of course, the first-time flight must be celebrated with a glass of sparkling wine. Since the first German balloonist Wilhelmine Reichard rose into the sky in 1811, hot-air ballooning has lost none of its fascination.

Boat trips to the Fraueninsel

A holiday at the Chiemsee is unthinkable without a boat trip to the Herreninsel. A wonderful experience, possibly even cosier, is a trip to the Fraueninsel. Since the first steamship of the Chiemsee Schifffahrt company set sail in 1845, the company’s ships have been travelling all the year round. The historic paddle steamer “Ludwig Fessler” of 1926 is still going even today. As well as this nostalgic jewel, the fleet has 13 further ships in regular service on the Chiemsee. Thanks to the modern ships, you can reach the Fraueninsel quickly and comfortably from your holiday suite or holiday house. The white bell tower of the Frauenwörth convent, which can be seen from far away, characterizes the picturesque island. It rises gracefully up from the lush green of the island and creates a wonderful panorama against the mountains in the background. The best place to view this idyllic scene is from one of the Chiemsee Schifffahrt’s ships.

„Chiemsee Summer“ – Reggae Festival

Every August, more than 30,000 visitors flock to the festival grounds in Übersee. Internationally successful bands and regional chart toppers give their best performances at the “Chiemsee Summer”. Besides reggae music, you can see artistes from genres such as alternative rock, hip top and electronic music. Well-known artistes and promising newcomers entertain the visitors for several days on a number of different stages. At the large festival market you can buy useful items for the festival, items of clothing and a range of accessories. This festival also offers varied and international food. With a day ticket, you can get a taste of the Chiemsee festival during your holiday and easily be back in your holiday suite in the holiday house in the evening. If you would like to experience the entire festival and yet not have to do without any luxury, a holiday in a holiday suite in the holiday house is equally suitable. You can enjoy hours of music and still experience the luxury of our high-quality holiday suites.

The Engine Shed in Rosenheim

Up to 280,000 visitors every year make the Engine Shed one of the most successful exhibition halls in Germany. Specialist and national exhibitions from the realms of ethnology, natural history and cultural history bring visitors to Rosenheim from all over Germany. Every year, a different exhibition fascinates the visitors with top-class items loaned from many sources and exclusive exhibits. The large exhibition area makes it possible to show the current topic in exceptional and elaborate detail. The visitor gains a deep and extensive insight into a different world. Expand your cultural horizons during your holiday in our holiday suites at the holiday house by the Chiemsee; the exhibitions at the Engine Shed are definitely worth seeing. The architecture of the building is also worth a mention. Take a trip from your holiday suite to Rosenheim and visit the huge semi-circular shed from 1858. The building was part of a workshop belonging to the Bavarian state railway and is now a protected building. After extensive renovation and rebuilding work, the building has won prizes from the Association of German Architects for its successful combination of old and modern elements.

Seminars and activities in the convent on the Fraueninsel

The Frauenwörth Abbey on the Fraueninsel offers a wide range of adult education courses. The convent regularly opens its doors to interested visitors and course participants of all denominations. If you would like to use your holiday at the Chiemsee to further your education, you are sure to find something in the abbey’s comprehensive selection of courses and seminars. Use your holiday in a holiday suite in the holiday house at the Chiemsee and spend a day in peace in the convent or take part in a seminar for self-discovery. The programme also includes topics for health, such as yoga or qigong, and personal self-orientation. A holiday in a holiday suite or in a holiday house at the Chiemsee gives you an excellent opportunity to discover your own creativity. Learn a new language in the convent on the Fraueninsel, or take part in courses on dancing and painting. However, not only courses for personality development take place within the convent walls. The abbey is also the venue for congresses and professional further training.