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If you have any questions about our holiday suites in the holiday house at Chiemsee, get in touch with us. We will provide you with all the assistance you need and are happy to answer all questions regarding your holiday. Just call us or send us an email.


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Arriving by plane (and by rail)

Chiemsee is midway between the airports in Munich and Salzburg. If you are arriving at the Franz Josef Strauss Airport in Munich, take the city train (S-Bahn) S8 or S1 to the eastern or main station in Munich. There, you take a train heading for Salzburg. Leave the train at the station in Übersee am Chiemsee. If you land at the W.A. Mozart Airport in Salzburg, take the regional train (ÖBB) to Salzburg station. From there, take a train heading for Munich, which will reach Chiemsee at Übersee station. From the railway station, you can easily reach the holiday suites by local bus or taxi. Alternatively you can book an airport shuttle service from both airports to bring you directly to our holiday house.

Arriving by train

Chiemsee is part of the rail network on the Munich-Salzburg route. From within Germany, travel from your nearest station to Munich and take the Salzburg train from the eastern or main railway stations. Get out at Übersee. If you are coming from the south, take the train travelling in the opposite direction from Salzburg to Munich. You can get to your holiday suite from the station by local bus or taxi.

Arriving by car

If you are coming from the north of Germany, follow the A9 motorway Nuremberg-Munich and at the junction München Nord take the A99 towards Salzburg. Later, continue on the A8 towards Salzburg. If you are coming from the west, take the A8 from Stuttgart to Munich. Drive around the state capital on the motorway ring via the A99 towards Salzburg. Follow the route towards Salzburg on the A8 until you get to Chiemsee. If you are coming from Austria and Italy, take the A93 from Innsbruck to Munich. This joins the A8 at Rosenheim. If your route brings you to us from Croatia or Slovenia, follow the A1 through Austria to the border into Germany and then take the A8 to Chiemsee.